Pittsburgh Makeup artist, Julie Marckisotto, helping women find their glow.

Good morning!  Today, I want to share another profile from my Meet the Artist blog series!  I’ve known Julie Marckisotto of Pittsburgh Makeup for many years.  We met behind the scenes on a wedding day, and I knew right away that she was fabulous.  These days, when I walk into the bride’s getting ready space on the morning of a wedding and see Julie quietly at work, I know it’s going to be a great day.  She brings a calm vibe to every situation and her work is absolutely flawless.  When a bride hires Julie for her wedding day make up, I know she will look just as beautiful at 9:00pm as she did when she got out of Julie’s chair first thing that morning.

Julie’s got an outstanding resume that includes big names like NFL Network, Discovery Channel, American Eagle, Aerie, Rue 21, and UPMC, but those bright lights don’t outshine her passion for helping every day women find their glow.

Even though she’s been in the beauty industry for over twenty years, she’s always got something exciting coming up!  Recently, she moved her studio to a new expanded space so that she could better accommodate larger groups for events and offer spa services!  A few weeks ago, I stopped by to chat and check out her new location!  I even got to hang out with Stewie, Pittsburgh Makeup’s unofficial studio pup <3

 Pittsburgh Make Up

Tell me about your company and how you got started?

I started Pittsburgh Makeup in 2009 specifically because I wanted to work with brides on their wedding days. After many years working at cosmetic counters and salons, I saw a need for that personal one on one attention for brides. That is sometimes difficult to get going to a department store {especially on a Saturday!} or sometimes even at a busy salon. I love that the bride can hire hair, hire makeup and we all come to you — making the day as stress-free as possible. Once I started doing makeup for weddings, my business also shifted into a lot of other beauty and commercial work which creates an ideal balance.

pittsburgh makeup julie

What do you tell clients who aren’t sure they need a make up artist for their wedding day?

I would say that you’re planning out every detail and other aspect from the Photographer to the food and DJ, all to make your wedding day perfect, so don’t skip makeup {or hair}! Your pictures are something that you’re going to look at and cherish forever. Even if you’re already good at your own makeup – professional Makeup Artists know how to make it last all day, make it look good for HD photography, and know how to make it look good for different lighting, etc.   With that being said, just make sure to do your homework. Make sure you hire someone reputable, who has a well written contract, and who has great reviews {Wedding Wire is a good place to start}.  Hire an artist that you LOVE their work/portfolio. And if possible, always do a practice session beforehand to experiment with looks as well!

wedding makeup pittsburgh

What steps do you take to ensure that your clients have an amazing experience when working with Pittsburgh Makeup? What do you think brides worry about the most for their wedding day look and how do you help with that?

I would say brides worry the most about looking like themselves on their wedding day. I hear this so much and I couldn’t agree more…you truly want to look like the best version of YOU, not a made-up version. This is why a practice session can be super helpful. I always start with a thorough consult and really dig into what the bride’s vision is. We look at pictures and Pinterest boards and go from there. I like to start light-handed because you can always add more or bump up the look. It is equally as important to me that they look the most beautiful they have ever felt on this big day!

(Julie’s new studio where she does bridal trials!)

pittsburgh makeup artist

Who is your favorite type of bride and why? What is one of your best memories from working with a bride?

I love all my brides…but I do love when people say…”you’re the professional” and sort of give me a bit of creative freedom with their makeup. As much as I love to meet everyone’s needs I do feel it’s the reason that you are hiring a professional too, so we can give our input as we do this day in and day out as our profession. It’s all a team effort. Not just with makeup but the hair…the dress…the photographer…it all works together to make one amazing wedding day! If someone trusts me, that’s a great start and everything just sorts of flows from there.

pittsburgh makeup artist

What is your WHY?

My WHY is…because I love making women feel beautiful and find their glow! I feel that all women are already beautiful, but adding those right touches can make a big difference to not only enhance their outward features, but boost how they feel on the inside as well. Feeling beautiful can be a true confidence builder…I’ve seen this so many times. I love doing bridal makeup as well as makeup lessons for girls and women of all ages. The excitement and joy on my client’s faces when they see themselves in the mirror in a way that maybe they haven’t ever seen themselves before is a feeling for me that will never get old!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In addition to wedding day makeup on location and commercial work, Julie also offers makeup lessons, spa services, and her own cosmetics line at her expanded studio space in Greensburg, PA.

pittsburgh makeup studio

Julie with Stewie! <3

Pittsburgh Makeup 0032

Julie Marckisotto

Pittsburgh Makeup website:


instagram: @pghmakeup


Making Words Beautiful – An Artist Profile of Victoria Fiaretti of Wood & Grace Handlettering Boutique.

 Greetings!  Today I want to introduce something special, a new blog series called Meet the Artist.  In my line of work, I’m fortunate to get to meet and collaborate with a ton of amazing artists, small business owners and creative professionals.  Victoria Fiaretti, of Wood & Grace Handlettering Boutique is all three.  I first heard of Wood & Grace when my sister, Ashley, was gifted a beautiful hand painted wooden sign at her bridal shower with her wedding date.  It was such a unique and special piece that stood out among the common registry items  in her shower gifts.  (*Disclaimer – brides still definitely need and appreciate their registry items!  I know I needed and am still using the silverware, plates, towels, and sheets that I got at my own shower!)

After Ashley’s shower, we had the pleasure of photographing a ton of Victoria’s work popping up at weddings all over the place!  From custom invitations, to signs, place cards, hand written vows, and handmade gifts, her pieces were consistently the most personal, sentimental, and unique wedding details we were shooting.  Last week on a snowy thursday morning, Victoria was kind enough to welcome me to her home studio for a look behind the scenes.  It was such a pleasure to watch her work and hear about what inspired her to start Wood & Grace.  She does everything by hand, no stencils, decals or cookie cutter templates.  Each piece is designed  with love in every brush stroke, and under the watchful inspection of two rambunctious kittens.  Her husband, Donovan, is her “carpenter in residence” and the other half of her labor of love.

I asked Victoria to share her thoughts in her own words.

victoria fiaretti

wood & grace

What is your inspiration when creating new designs?

I love to seek inspiration through other creatives!  I follow all types of artists’ work, not just artists that do things similar to what I’m doing.  I love romance, earthy tones, nature, things with an organic feel to them.  When I first meet with a new couple, I ask a lot of questions about them and their relationship.  I find out what details are meaningful to them and highlight them in my custom design.

wood & grace handlettering

What are the benefits of hiring someone like you?

Many of the brides I work with compliment me on my ability to streamline and refine the thoughts and choices they got so frustrated with prior to our meeting.  Wedding planning is not an easy process when you go it alone!  By knowing styles and trends, and listening to what is in my brides’ hearts, I’m able to piece together the ideas they haven’t been able to find, and match them to the feeling they want their wedding day to have.

wood and grace

wood & grace

What steps do you take to ensure that clients have an amazing experience when working with Wood & Grace?

I love communication!  As much as brides are willing to tell me, I want to find out!  I want to get to know the love that they are celebrating.  It’s all in the details.  When I know what’s important to a couple and what makes their relationship special, then I’m able to customize their wedding to showcase THEM.  Your wedding day is once in a lifetime, you shouldn’t have to settle for something generic.

I want to help make planning your wedding as hassle free as possible.  That’s why I believe so passionately in good communication and have easy to use online contracts and secure online payment processing where everything is spelled out so you have nothing to worry about!  Every step of my process is organized according to your needs ensuring that everything will be on time.




What is your favorite detail you’ve created?  Is there anything that you’d love to create but haven’t been asked to yet?

I was once asked to make a custom sign for a Marine returning from overseas.  His fiance was going to be there to meet him and wanted something special to hold up!  It said “Life takes you places. Love brings you home.”  It wasn’t the most elaborate piece that I’ve ever made, but it meant a lot to me knowing that it was the first thing he was going to see when he was welcomed home.

I have so many ideas for things I want to make in the future!  Right now though, I would love to make hand painted place cards.  I just got some fabulous cotton rag papers in that would be perfect for watercolor.  I’m also always on the look out for a couple with a really powerful story.


wood and grace boutique

What is your WHY?

Because I know that words can be used to hurt.  And I want to make words BEAUTIFUL.

My business is a labor of love that was birthed from my own wedding experience.  I believe that if you think enough about how to honor your partner in the details, that’s a great sign of how you will honor them in life.  Each couple’s wedding day should be a celebration of THEM.

Taking time to honor the details makes for a more meaningful wedding.  And a more meaningful wedding makes a more memorable occasion.  Those meaningful memories are what will remind you on hard days of the powerful commitment you made.

victoria fiaretti calligraphy



Victoria Fiaretti




I hope you enjoyed meeting Victoria as much as I have!  Whether you’re planning a wedding, celebrating a new baby, or looking for the perfect gift, Wood & Grace can help make your words of love into beautiful art !

Indiana County PA Wedding Photographer | Jimi & Leeona

Today I’m sharing an anniversary post for some dear friends who were married in one of my favorite small towns in Indiana County, my home town of Saltsburg!  Jimi and Leeona are two people with some of the biggest hearts you’ll ever meet.  Whether it’s taking in fur babies off the street, or volunteering for the YMCA, they bring smiles wherever they are.  Here’s a look back at their sunny September wedding.


We started the morning off with the girls getting ready at Jimi’s grandma’s house.  I loooved her cast iron collection and her kitchen had beautiful light flooding in!  Leeona had a photo of Jimi’s proposal on the beach out on the counter.  The light was perfect the day he asked her to marry him too.



Alexis, Leeona’s maid of honor, embroidered a handkerchief for her to carry down the aisle.  I can’t wait till next year when Alexis gets married and I get to see everyone again!


Leeona also had gifts for the girls, monogrammed burlap purses.


Before she put her wedding dress on, she took a moment to sit down and read a letter from Jimi.





The ceremony was at Saltsburg Presbyterian church just over the river in Indiana County.  I met the guys there for a few photos before the guests arrived.




Jimi’s face watching his bride come down the aisle was priceless.




Their guests filled the street and greeted the new Mr. & Mrs. Smail as light flooded in through the double doors.  Afterwards, we took some photos around the outside of the church and walked through town.  Saltsburg has tons of historic buildings along canal street, an herb garden, and a view of the river.






These are some of my favorite photos from the whole day.  A reminder not to take things too seriously at a wedding.  Leeona’s little brother and sister were a part of the wedding party!








Happy anniversary you two!  Here’s to many many more!

Saint Vincent Basilica and Lingrow Farm Wedding | Annie + Dan

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!  Annie grew up in Latrobe, PA but it wasn’t until she moved across the pond to the UK that she met Dan one night at a bar in Southampton.  Not only was he handsome, he was intelligent, insightful, and made great conversation.  After a year and a half of dating and long car rides where Dan plays the DJ, (one of Annie’s favorite things about him), they decided they wanted to be together for all the years ahead.  For their wedding, Annie and Dan invited all their guests from the US and the UK to come to the Basilica at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania where Annie’s family has been celebrating weddings for generations.  Their reception was held at the beautiful Lingrow Farm which they chose for it’s unique rural American setting and peaceful location.


The morning started off at Annie’s mom’s house in Latrobe just a few miles from the church.  The light was beautiful inside and out, just like Annie.








We met up with Dan and his groomsmen on the campus at Saint Vincent and did some group photos outside the church before the ceremony.





Since Annie’s father had passed away, his good friend stood in for him to walk Annie down the aisle.  It was joyful and emotional all at once.



Some details I loved during the ceremony, including the ornate woodwork inside the basilica and the fact that guests embraced traditions and fashions we don’t see very often at traditional American weddings these days.  There were lots of beautiful hats and feather fascinators in the audience.





The best part about a wedding at Saint Vincent College is that you get to take advantage of the campus grounds for photos.  We visited Sebastian’s Garden and few other buildings.






After the vows, guests were transported through small towns and past rolling cornfields to Lingrow Farm for the reception.  The venue features an original Pennsylvania bank-style barn that was part of a horse farm which has been converted into unique event space.  Annie and Dan brought their own style to the party with teacups of flowers, burlap, and paper hearts made from used books rescued from the discard bin.



One of my favorite details of their reception was the display of weddings photos from family and friends taken of them on their own wedding days.  It was great to see how styles have changed over the years.  We loved this idea so much, we did it at my own sister’s wedding a few weeks ago!


Annie and Dan also had three stunning wedding cakes for guests to enjoy!  Two “naked” cakes and the center cake was traditional British wedding cake, (which we Americans would recognize as the fruit cake we eat at holidays), decorated with sugar flowers.




When you have a wedding in the country, you never know when nature will show up!  This little guy was almost tromped on in the grass during portraits so we rescued him and gave him his photo shoot debut before returning him to the yard.




We loved their guestbook with it’s custom wood cover highlighting the coming together of two families from two different countries.


After dinner, we took the couple outside for some private photos during the golden hour before sunset.







Meanwhile guests enjoyed take-home snacks from Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.




Annie knows all of my own favorite dance moves!


The night ended around the bonfire out by the barn with s’mores for everyone.


Happy Anniversary Annie and Dan!  Hope you guys get to go on a great anniversary celebration trip soon!

Miss and <3 you guys!!


Lingrow Farm Wedding | Justine & Chris

Justine and Chris just arrived home from their honeymoon and I cant wait to share the highlights from their lingrow farm wedding!  (You might recognize them, (and their dog, Camo) from their fall engagement photos  we shared back in November).  All week leading up to the wedding we watched the weather while Mother Nature changed her mind back and forth about what season it was outside.  While the first few reports called for three days of rain before Saturday, by the end of the week the outlook was much better!  We ended up enjoying spring weather in the morning and then a snowstorm after dark.  It wasn’t the warmest of days, but their outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch! Here are some highlights from their April 2nd wedding at lingrow farm!

All of the ladies looked fantastic in matching silk robes when we arrived at the farmhouse.



Camo even got dressed up in a doggie tuxedo for the big day!


The farmhouse at Lingrow offers a lot of beautiful spaces to get ready in with great lighting.  It really makes a difference for photos.



This was the look on the girls’ faces when they all saw Justine for the first time in her wedding dress coming down the stairs.


No wonder, she was a glowing with happiness on her wedding day!




The guys got ready in the carriage house on the property.  Chris’ Dad helped him into his jacket.  All of the groomsmen received personalized pocket knives as their gift for being a part of the wedding.


Camo was ready to go when it was time to line up for the ceremony.





The wind was cold but the sun came out from behind the clouds for the ceremony!



Leah the horse had her fuzzy winter fur on when she picked Chris and Justine up from their ceremony and took them for a short ride before photos.




People don’t always believe me, but dogs smile for my camera.  I love that more couples are making their four legged family members a part of their wedding day!




Chris and Justine braved the cold wind for outdoor photos and we finished up just as the rain started.



We liked this spot by the spring house because it gave us some shelter from the wind!


Inside the barn, the tables were decorated with pink and white spring flowers and each centerpiece represented one of the couple’s favorite locations.



Instead of lighting a unity candle (outdoor ceremonies make candle lighting a real challenge), Chris and Justine chose to write letters to one another and seal them in a box with a bottle of wine that they can open on their anniversary and enjoy while they read the letters.



The rain changed over to snow after dark, and we were so happy we had gotten the ceremony and all the photos done earlier!



The lingrow farm wedding photobooth is always a big hit with the guests!


Happy first week of married life!  And here’s to many happy anniversaries to come !

Wedding Album Registry – the perfect gift

Spring has arrived and before you know it, wedding season will be in full swing!  That means that right now it’s bridal shower season, and if you know someone getting married this year, you’re looking for a wedding gift.  I would like to tell you a story about a toilet brush.  In 2009, my husband Sean (who was still just my boyfriend at the time) had a friend who was getting married to an awesome girl.  Sean received an invite for us with information for their registry, and like most men completely ignored the RSVP date and gift information.  By the time they called asking us to RSVP and I found the invitation, nearly every item on their registry was already purchased.  Every item was marked off except one, a toilet brush with matching toilet brush caddy.  Why was it the only item left? Because no one wants to walk into a wedding with a toilet brush with a bow on it and plunk it down on the gift table.  I can tell you *possibly from experience* that it’s embarrassing.  Don’t be like us, give the perfect gift to your friends by contributing to their wedding album registry!

What is a wedding album registry?  Simply, it’s a way to contribute funds towards a couple’s wedding album ensuring that their memories will be preserved, printed, and shared for generations.

Here’s how a wedding album registry works:

  1. The couple picks out what kind of album they would like and registers for that item with their photographer online at
  2. The photographer provides the bride with printed cards that they can use in their shower and/or wedding invites to share the information.
  3. Guests go online, enter the wedding date and go to the couple’s secure Album Registry page where they donate as much as they like.
  4. Once they check out, guests receive a printable PDF describing their gift that they can slip into a greeting card to give at the shower or wedding.
  5. The photographer uses the gifted funds to assemble the beautiful album of the couple’s choice to enjoy!

 Here’s an example of the printed cards you can use in your wedding or shower invitations!albumregistry

Our custom leather bound albums feature 100(+) photos of the couple’s choice, printed on archival photographic paper in panorama across a twenty four inch spread with the cover of their choice.  Every time we open a shipment from our publisher, I am intensely proud of the books that we’ve made and humbled by the value of what these albums will mean to future generations.


Here’s a screen shot of Megan & Johnny’s registry page we just launched that their guests will see when they go to the website.  IF you happen to be looking for Megan & Johnny’s actual registry page because you’re a guest – click HERE!


Lastly, here’s a video explaining WHY a wedding album is so important!  (Sean watched it and said this is “terrifyingly close to the truth”!


Pittsburgh winter wedding | Courtney + Matt

I’m going to warn you right at the beginning of this post, I am sharing a TON of photos from Courtney and Matt’s Pittsburgh winter wedding ! Though Mother Nature didn’t give us any snow, she did bless us with a beautiful 50 degree day at the end of January!  It was a real treat to have sunshine, clear roads, and blue skies over the city!

The day started off with a brunch at Courtney’s parents’ house for the girls while everyone got their hair and make up done.

pittsburgh winter wedding


pittsburgh winter wedding bride


Courtney’s mom and her sister, Lindsey, helped her into her dress.

maid of honor with bride

The photos during this ‘getting ready’ portion of every wedding day are always some of my favorite.

pittsburgh winter wedding

We always make time for a few family portraits before the excitement of the day takes over.

mother daughter wedding photo

father daughter first look



The ceremony was held at Calvary United Methodist Church on Pittsburgh’s north side.  We met up with Matt and the guys before the guests arrived for some photos.




Lately we’ve started saving the funny shots that don’t make the final cut into an “outtakes” folder.  Great for laughs and to remind us that things don’t always go according to plan.  It’s all fun and games till someone spills the Altoids!





Courtney arrived with the girls on the limo bus and they waited in the back hallway for the guests to be seated before starting down the aisle.  I love this shot Ashley got of Courtney stepping through the doors into the sanctuary.

pittsburgh bridesmaids






I don’t usually post a ton of photos from indoor church formals, but the light coming through the stained glass windows at Calvary United was beautiful the way it fell on the altar.




It was wonderful to have such a beautiful sanctuary to shoot in after the wedding, especially since it was winter and it could have been below zero outside!  We actually changed the game plan for photos after the ceremony.  Originally we were going to a park hoping for snow on the ground, but since it was so warm that snow was mostly mud.  (Pittsburgh after the snow melts is not so pretty till the grass grows back.)  We decided since the church had so many great spots for photos both inside and out that we’d just stay there longer and skip the park all together!  It worked out perfectly 🙂

pittsburgh winter wedding




Who would have thought we could have been outside, sleeveless in January!?

pittsburgh wedding photos


One of the most special moments of the day was when a friend of Courtney’s was kind enough to wrangle all three of their dogs into the car and bring them down to the church so that we could get some true family photos with all of their fur kids!   Tootsie was so happy to see Courtney and Matt, she gave out kisses!

bride with dog

dog wedding photos


Since Courtney and Matt planned plenty of time for photos into their wedding day, we were able to take our time at the church and still get down by the water along the north shore.  The river had big chunks of ice floating by.



allegheny landing pittsburgh

Photobombing!  We even got buzzed by the river police in a scene straight out of the movie Striking Distance.

funny wedding photos




pittsburgh north shore wedding photos



We finished up photos and headed to the reception just a few blocks away at Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory.  They offer a beautiful winter wonderland package with lighted trees in the off-peak season.  Courtney  put a lot of thought into the details of their reception and it looked amazing!  It may have been 50 degrees outside, but it was a Frozen castle inside the great hall!

pittsburgh priory wedding





Matt and his Mom sharing a dance together.

priory winter wedding


Let’s talk about this outstanding traditional pittsburgh cookie table.  Pizzelles, chocolate covered oreos, and iced snowflakes; it was a fabulous spread with a giant ice sculpture as its centerpiece.  Working in the wedding industry, you become something of a cookie table connoisseur.   These families have really set the bar high for all the cookie tables to live up to this year!

wedding cookie table

grand hall priory winter wedding


pittsburgh wedding dj

Courtney had a gorgeous fur cape that we wanted to photograph as our last shot of the night 🙂  It was a perfect send off for a Pittsburgh winter wedding !

winter wedding after dark


To see more of Courtney and Matt’s story, check out their Hartwood Acres engagement session.


Ceremony: Calvary United Methodist Church, Pittsburgh

Reception:  Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall at the Priory

Entertainment:  PJ the DJ of Entertainment Unlimited

Katie + Kyle | Lingrow Farm Wedding

Happy first anniversary to Katie and Kyle!

I’m sitting here today editing wedding photos for Kyle’s sister, Kennedy, and her new husband Matt who were just married a few weeks ago!  I thought it would be fun to take a quick trip down memory lane to last year 🙂


It was a sunny August day at Lingrow Farm and all of the flowers were in bloom.  The girls were getting ready in the air conditioning in the historic farmhouse on the property.  After years of long distance relationship in separate states (Kyle’s job was far away), the day had finally come that there would be no more “goodbye for now’s” for the two of them.

Happily ever after started right here.




Kyle had a great crew of guys – both of his brothers and a group of old friends.  While the girls sat in the make up chair, the guys DID ALL THE DECORATING themselves.  Centerpieces, favors, candles, they took care of everything and it looked perfect.  After a job well done, Kyle’s Dad helped the guys get their suits on so we could get some photos early before the ceremony.




Katie’s dress was really fun to photograph with all of the window light shining through the soft layers.

She practiced her vows one more time before stepping into it.





All of the girls waited downstairs while Katie’s sister laced her into her dress, then she stepped out and their reaction was priceless!

bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time lingrow farm





Katie and Kyle did a great job planning lots of time for photos into their wedding day.  With all of the guys, girls, and family ready a few hours before the ceremony, we were able get all of the groomsmen photos, a first look with Katie’s Dad, and some family photos done so they could spend more time just enjoying the party together later!






Kyle did NOT get to see Katie before the ceremony, but she did sneak up behind him for some fun photos.




One of my favorite moments at every wedding ceremony.









outdoor wedding ceremony at lingrow farm



Katie’s nieces stole the show as the most adorable flower girls in tutu’s I’ve ever seen.




 As their ceremony ended, dark blue storm clouds rolled in bringing rain with them.  We took advantage of the beautiful sky for portraits.



rustic barn wedding pennsylvania









For the reception, they put childhood photos on the back of their chairs and used some of the photos from their engagement session to decorate the barn.  Every guest got a s’more as their favor to make on the fire.  They even personalized their cake with a penn state nittany lion cake topper.

nittany lion cake topper



Kyle’s brothers pulled off an awesome rap toast to their brother and his new wife.





 They didn’t let the rain stop them from enjoying fireworks at the end of the night!

wedding fireworks glory on high fireworks lingrow farm



It was a beautiful day 😀  Happy anniversary, hope you are enjoying NYC!  😀

Kara & Mark |optometrist themed wedding at westmoreland country club

Kara and Mark’s celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday!  Getting the opportunity to shoot their wedding was very special to me since Kara and I went to elementary school together and many of her bridesmaids were high school classmates as well!  Ashley and I had a blast shooting their engagement photos since Mark and Kara are both optometrists and wanted to incorporate some fun optometrist themed eye-catching details into their day.





Growing up, Kara was always athletic.  Her family lived just a few miles down the road from mine.  I remember passing her jogging along the roadside accompanied by her best running partner, her Dad.  For her wedding day, she cut a blue heart out of one of this race t-shirts and sewed it inside the hem of her wedding dress.  He was at the house all morning helping out while the girls were getting ready.  One of the reasons I love weddings is that it’s not just a celebration between two people but



 Another friendly face at the house that morning was Kara and Mark’s dog.  This story really can’t be told without Larry, their west highland terrier.  (You can see more Larry pics on the portrait section of the website!)



One of my favorite details was a handkerchief that Kara carried with her which came with a note from her grandma written 26 years ago.

Kara’s Dad also wore special cufflinks with a message.  When she was ready to leave for the church, he helped her put her wedding shoes on the same way he helped her with her shoes for many many races.





The ceremony was at Kara’s home town church.


 Sometimes I torture the guys just a little by asking them to pin their own boutonnieres on.  They actually did a really good job!




Meanwhile the girls were waiting outside on the party bus.  How to fight off last minute jitters?  Giant pink plastic eye glasses 😀



After a little hiccup with the organist, the tension was broken by applause as Kara’s Dad walked her down the aisle to Mark.





After the ceremony, we grabbed some quick portraits at the church in the beautiful light of the stained glass windows.



 Another favorite shot from the church.




When we left for the reception, the party bus made a quick detour for someone very important.  Larry!  Kara’s brother, Matt, and her maid of honor were first to hop off the bus and help Larry into his tuxedo so he could give the bride a kiss and pose for a few photos with his family.





 Their reception was at Westmoreland Country Club and we got to take a few photos on the golf course.









Westmoreland Country Club looked beautiful.  Each table had it’s own eye-themed title, from “Brown Eyed Girl” to “Love at First Sight”.



Mark dancing with his Mom.




After dinner, we took Kara and Mark back outside for some sunset photos while guests were finishing their meals.





The party on the dance floor was awesome – Jason Kendall Productions did live renditions of everything from the Beatles to Pharell.







Mark carried his bride to the car through a tunnel of sparklers at the end of the night!

Happy first anniversary ! 😀

What to do with your images: Accordion Mini Books

I got a great reader question in my email today!  Someone asked how to go about ordering one of our accordion books – and I thought what a great opportunity to share some info on what they are and how to order!  Accordion books are a GREAT way to display and share your photos!  They hold 8 photos each and come with a plain or photo cover.  There are four photos on each side and it folds up like a book with a hard cover and magnet closure.  You can also display it open on a shelf or table top by standing it up.  We have two sizes – the regular accordion size which is 5×7 inches and these smaller mini books which are pictured below.  (I like to say that the regular sized accordions are “purse-sized” and the mini ones are “pocket-sized”.

Accordion mini books are great for seniors, families, and other milestones!  They also make fantastic gifts!



Here’s how to order an accordion book through your online gallery:

1.  Sign into your photo gallery and locate the photos you want to include in your accordion book.

2.  On each photo you want to include, click the Favorite icon (shown below)

3.  Once you’ve selected a photo as a Favorite, a small star icon will appear in the top right of the photo to show that it’s on the list!







You can view your favorites list anytime, just by clicking the Favorites icon in the top center of your gallery. Use the Favorites panel to see all of your choices at once and narrow them down!  Once you have your 8 photos on your favorites list, go ahead and add the Accordion book size of your choice to your online cart and check out.  When we receive the order, we’ll access your favorites list and design your book from there!




Printing digital photos is HUGELY important!  What if there’s a black out, what if DVDs and USBs go the way of cassette tapes and records, what if hard drives fail, what if there’s a zombie apocalypse???  You should not need electricity or an internet connection to see the faces of the ones you love when they are far away.  #printyourphotos !  We want to help you – watch for more posts titled: what to do with your images !

If you have any questions about accordion books, albums, or what to do with your photos past, present or future – email us anytime!